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Circle =
a) male b) female c) - d) -
a) male b) female c) - d) -
A line connecting a circle and a square=
a) married b) siblings (brothers and sisters) c) - d) -
an X-linked disease means _______ usually carry the trait for the disease
a) women b) men c) - d) -
An autosomal disorder means there is a 50/50 chance that a __________ may get the trait for the disorder
a) man b) woman c) man or woman d) -
If a parent in every generation has the disorder, the disorder is _________
a) dominant b) recessive c) neither d) -
If the disorder does not show up in every generation, the disorder is _________
a) dominant b) recessive c) neither d) -
Pedigrees are family trees that explain _____________
a) your genetic history b) why you act the way you do c) your attitude d) -
Pedigrees are used to find out the probability of a child having a _______ in a particular family
a) child b) disorder/disease c) son d) daughter
Pedigrees are made of symbols that represent...
a) gender (male/female) b) carriers of disorders/disease c) dominant and recessive traits d) all of the above
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