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What is the smallest level of organization of the body?
a) atom b) element c) molecule d) cell
According to the levels of organization, cells help to form
a) molecules b) atoms c) tissues d) organ systems
__________ is the name given to something that has more than one cell.
a) unicellular b) multicellular c) living d) cellful
When two or more elements combined they can be called a(n)
a) element b) atom c) compound d) molecule
Who saw the first cells?
a) Robert Hooke b) Schwann c) Virchow d) Leeuwenhoek
Which is not apart of the cell theory?
a) cells come from other cells b) cells are for growth and reproduction c) cells are the basic unit and structure of living things d) all living things are composed of cells
Who saw the first living cells?
a) Hooke b) Scledien c) Virchow d) Leewenhoek
Who came up with the cell the part of the cell theory that all cells come from other cells?
a) Virchow b) Newton c) Galileo d) Hooke
Which type of microscope would you use to see the super microscopic objects?
a) electron b) Hooke\'s c) light d) compound
If the eye piece of your microscope has an eye piece of 10X and the revoving nosepiece is on 40X, what is your total maginification?
a) 400 b) 40000 c) 10 d) 4
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