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the star that is at the center of our solar system
a) axis b) sun spot c) rotation d) sun
to sprout as a seed does
a) transpiration b) stomata c) germinate d) chlorophyll
the process in which a plant gives off water through their stomata
a) photosynthesis b) transpiration c) stomata d) cotyledon
the tiny plant inside a seed
a) embryo b) seed c) seedling d) cotyledon
tiny holes on the underside of a leaf that allow oxygen to escape and carbon dioxide to come in. Also releases water.
a) embryo b) stomata c) chlorophyll d) germinate
the stage when a germinated seed begins growing and making its own food
a) seed b) seedling c) germinate d) embryo
the process by which plants make food
a) stomata b) cotyledon c) transpiration d) photosynthesis
the structure where food is stored
a) seed b) seedling c) cotyledon d) embryo
a pigment, or coloring matter, that helps plants use sunlight to produce the sugar that is used in plants as food
a) stomata b) chlorophyll c) transpiration d) photosynthesis
what most plants grow from
a) seed b) seedling c) embryo d) cotyledon
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