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As a cell’s size increases, it places more demands on its ___________.
a) Cell Mambrane b) DNA c) Ribosome d) Cell membrane
Uncontrolled cell division occurs in
a) cyclin b) mitosis c) Cytokinesis d) Cancer
Typically, the longest phase of mitosis is ________________.
a) interphase b) G1 Phase c) G2 Phase d) S Phase
regulates cell cycle
a) mitosis b) cancer c) cyclin d) M phase
A growing cell divides forming two "daughter" cells.
a) Cell growth b) Cell replication c) Cell division d) Cell Copies
which serface area to volume ratio is best for cells?
a) 6:1 b) 3:1 c) 2:1 d) 1:1
Why do cells stop growing?
a) Death b) Contact with another cell c) Lack genes d) Cancer
When does cytokinesis take place?
a) telophase b) anaphase c) mataphase d) cytophase
Two tiny structures located in the cytoplasm...
a) nuclear envelopes b) spindle c) centrioles d) microstubules
Fanlike structure that helps organize the chromosomes..
a) spindle b) centrioles c) microtubles d) nuclear envelope
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