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The cell grows and replicates its DNA and centrioles
a) Interphase b) Metaphase c) Proshase d) Anaphase
The cyroplasm pinches in half. Each daughter cell has an identical set of duplicate chromosomes.
a) Telophase b) Cytokinesis c) Prophase d) Anaphase
The chromosomes gather at opposits ends of the cell and lose their distinct shapes. Two new nuclear envelopes will form.
a) Cytokinesis b) Interphase c) Telophase d) Prophase
The sister chromatids seperate into individual chromosomes and are moved apart.
a) Anaphase b) Telophase c) Metaphase d) Prophase
The chromosomes line up across the center of the cell. each chromosomes is connescted to a spindle fiber at its centromere.
a) Prophase b) Metaphase c) Telophase d) Anaphase
The chromatin comdences into chromosomes. The centrioles separate, and a spindle begins to form. The nuclear envelope breaks down.
a) Metaphase b) Prophase c) Anaphase d) Telophase
Cell growth
a) G1 Phase b) S Phase c) G2 Phase d) M Phase
DNA Replication
a) G1 Phase b) S Phase c) G2 Phase d) M Phase
Perparation for mitosis
a) G1 Phase b) S Phase c) G2 Phase d) M Phase
Cell division
a) G1 Phase b) S Phase c) G2 Phase d) M Phase
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