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In an ecoystem each population produces more of its own kind. The structures within the nucleus that contain the genetic information for the organism is....?
a) chloroplasm b) genes c) cell wall d) chromosomes
The berry bush represents a .............
a) consumer b) prey c) predator d) producer
In an ecosystem sometimes there are accidental fires set by irresponsible campers not making sure the campfires are put out. The ecosystem begins to burn causing smoke and ashes. The ashes represent....
a) a solution b) changes in the balance of the ecosystem c) changes in nature d) new substance
The frog is a food source for how many organisms?
a) producers, lions, tigers and soil b) sunlight, water, soil and animals c) plants, animals and bacteria d) plants and animals
The frog in the food web is prey to the snake. If the snake creeps up on the frog and strikes at it causing the frog to hop away. Hopping away is a...
a) response b) stimulus c) d)
Identify which organisms are herbivores....
a) an internal stimulus b) an external stimulus c) a response d)
What part of a food chain breaks the hawk's remains down?
a) snake b) frog c) vulture d) decomposer
What part of the food chain is an abiotic feature?
a) water b) hawk c) snake d) producer
In an ecosystem you have many populations of different kinds of animals. This is called a?
a) population b) ecosystem c) community d) organism
What cell part in a producer stores food, water and waste products?
a) cell wall b) chloroplasts c) nucleus d) vacuole
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