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to honor the memory of with a ceremony
a) commemorate b) remorseful c) inflection d) inaudible
not controlled by others or by outside forces
a) deport b) indigenous c) pseudonym d) autonomous
impossible to hear
a) remorseful b) patronize c) inaudible d) deport
alteration in pitch or tone of voice
a) inaudible b) inflection c) patronize d) jurisdiction
originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment
a) autonomous b) inflection c) indigenous d) deport
to expel from a country
a) deport b) inaudible c) patronize d) remorseful
marked by moral anguish arising from repentance for past misdeeds; bitter regret; feeling sorry about something you did
a) pseudonym b) jurisdiction c) inaudible d) remorseful
a fictitious name, especially a pen name
a) jurisdiction b) pseudonym c) deport d) inflection
to go to as a customer, especially on a regular basis
a) jurisdiction b) patronize c) indigenous d) remorseful
the territorial range of authority or control
a) jurisdiction b) indigenous c) deport d) inaudible
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