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According to Chomsky everyone has a _________ when they must learn a language
a) critical period b) sensitive period c) time d) set date
According to the linguistic-relativity hypothesis
a) language itself structures the way we see the world b) children are motivated to acquire language when their thinking abilities have developed c) we are born with an innate factor to develop a language d) words hold different meanings in different cultures
Framing is
a) allowing a decision to be shaped by the context it is presented rather than exploring it from different perspectives b) putting to much faith in one's own estimates or beliefs c) greatly overestimating the likelihood of dramatic events occuring d) a partial similarity among things that are different in other ways
The tendency to perceive an item only in terms of its most common use is
a) functional fixedness b) mental set c) problems of inducing structure d) problems of transformation
______________occurs when people suddenly discover the correct solution to a problem
a) insight b) 'aha' moment c) mental set d)
To go from the top to the bottom when solving a problem is
a) deductive reasoning b) inductive reasoning c) thinking logically d)
To go from the bottom to the top when solving a problem is
a) inductive reasoning b) deductive reasoning c) thinking logically d)
LAD was developed by
a) Chomsky b) Lennerberg c) Whorf d)
If all birds are warm-blooded, and if all parrots are birds, than parrots are warm blooded is an example of a
a) syllogism b) analogy c) algorithm d) deductive reasoning
Children who are deprived of language early in life (a wild child) are unable to acquire normal language skills. This can be explained by
a) sensitive periods b) displacement c) reaction range d) linguistic relativity hypothesis
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