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Which type of layout is actual size and has specifications for printing the job written in the margin?
a) comp b) final c) rough d) thumbnail
What is the vertical center on a page used to place type?
a) mathematical center b) optical center c) proportional center d) real center
What layout is actual size and looks as much like the final printed piece as possible?
a) comp b) flat c) rough d) thumbnail
In design the 3 basic shapes are:
a) circle, square, rectangle b) circle, square, triangle c) line, box, curve d) star, square, circle
If all elements on a page are symmetrical, the page is said to have:
a) complimentary balance b) informal balance c) proportional balance d) formal balance
Which is a basic principle of design?
a) color b) optical center c) rhythm d) white space
____ is the principle of design that deals with page dimensions, margins, and relationships between objects.
a) unity b) proportion c) balance d) contrast
art that is based in drawings and clipart is called:
a) line art b) continuous tone art c) process art d) drawn art
The 3rd step of the design process is to:
a) define b) evaluate c) refine d) find solutions
A line used for graphic effect
a) line b) rule c) guide d) border
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