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________ is made from red and yellow when they are mixed together.
a) green b) pink c) lime green d) orange
Color other than process color that is usually printed in solid areas for type, line art, bars, boxes, and screen tints is called _______ color.
a) process b) spot c) pantone d) primary
__________ is the subtractive primary color model that subtracts or filters out reflective light from a white sheet of paper.
a) RGB b) Pantone c) CMYK d) None of the above
The name of a color is called _______.
a) intensity b) tone c) tint d) hue
PMS is a color system for ___ colors
a) RGB b) CMYK c) Process d) Spot
In the subtractive color model the cyan color absorbs what other color?
a) green b) blue c) red d) magenta
The tertiary colors include:
a) yellow, red, blue b) russet, citrine, olive c) orange, violet, green d) yellow-orange, red-orange, blue-green, red-violet, blue-violet, yellow-green
Which of the following is a method of color printing used to produce full-color continuous tone copy, such as color photo and paintings?
a) process b) spot c) pantone d) primary
An international printing, publishing, and packaging color language
a) process b) spot c) primary d) pantone
In the additive color model if you remove one color it's complementary color is formed from the 2 colors left. SO, if you removed red, leaving green and blue you would see _____
a) blue b) green c) red d) yellow
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