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Language is the communication of information through what?
a) symbols b) letters c) thoughts d) words
An algorithm is
a) step-by-step procedure for trying all possible alternatives to search for a solution b) the smallest unit of sound c) the smallest unit of meaning d) focusing awareness on a narrowed range of stimuli
A basic sound in language is
a) phoneme b) semantics c) syntax d) morpheme
The smallest unit of meaning is
a) morpheme b) semantics c) syntax d) phoneme
The word order of a language is
a) syntax b) semantics c) morpheme d) phoneme
The meanings of words is
a) semantics b) morpheme c) phoneme d) syntax
According to the social-cognitve theory parents serves as _________ when it comes to language development.
a) models b) task makers c) peers d) teachers
A form of heuristics in which a person estimates an event will take place based on their own personal experiences or instances around them
a) availability b) confirmation bias c) conjuction fallacy d) representative
Heuristics are
a) mental shortcuts b) fallacies c) ways of organizing information d) games to make studying easier
The belief that the odds of a chance event increase if the event hasn't occured recently.
a) Gambler's Fallacy b) Framing c) Overconfidence Effect d) Overestimating the Improbable
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