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shaking that results from movement of rock beneath the earth's surface
a) volcano b) earthquake c) shock d) eruption
the area where rock breaks that triggers an earthquake
a) focus b) epicenter c) hot spot d) fault
the area directly above the focus of an earthquake
a) hot spot b) epicenter c) P waves d) S waves
waves of energy that are released during an earthquake
a) seismic b) focus c) still d) water
are the slowest and largest of the seismic waves and cause most of the destruction during an earthquake
a) electromagnetic wavessis b) S waves c) P waves d) surface waves
rates earthquakes according to the level of damage (12 steps/levels
a) Richter scale b) Mercalli scale c) seismograph d) magnitude
how big the earthquake is
a) magnitude b) fault c) epicenter d) focus
rates earthquakes based on size
a) magnitude b) richter scale c) mercalli scale d) seismograph
measures seismic waves
a) Richter Scale b) Mercalli Scale c) Seismograph d) magnitude
a break in the rock of the crust
a) magnitude b) fault c) epicenter d) focus
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