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What ASL sign should you use to talk about wearing clothing?
Which parameter is different for ASL Noun-Verb pairs?
a) Handshape b) Movement c) Location d) Palm Orientation
In Noun-Verb pairs, the noun typically has this type of movement
a) Short & Repeated b) Long & Once c) Circular d) None of the above
In Noun-Verb pairs, the verb typically has this type of movement.
a) Short & Repeated b) Long & Once c) Circular d) None of the above
What is a combination of two separate, unrelated languages?
a) Compound b) Multiple-Meaning c) Concept & Context d) Pidgin
One code that represents each word in spoken or written English, including prefixes and suffixes.
a) PSE b) ASL c) SEE d) DPN
Any signed code that represents the English language.
a) MCE b) ASL c) ADA d) NAD
Many SEE signs use this for their handshape.
a) Closed-5 b) S c) 1 d) The first letter of the English word (Initialization)
How does one know the difference between ASL signs with multiple meanings?
a) Context & Concept b) Initialization c) Noun-Verb d) MCE
This classifier can be used to show cylindrical objects that fit into one’s hand.
a) CL:B b) CL:Bent-V c) CL:C d) CL:3
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