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These individuals included prosperous bankrs, merchants, and manufacturers, as well as lawyers, journalists, and professors.
a) Bourgeoisie b) ancien regime c) National Assembly d) Olympe de Gouges
This is the name of the government body that replaced the National Assembly
a) Legislative Assembly b) Committee of Public Safety c) National Convention d) Monarchy
This refers to the nobles who fled France but still hoped to restore the monarchy.
a) emigres b) sans-culottes c) right-wing d) left-wing
This was a radical group, named for the style of breeches its members wore.
a) sans-culottes b) guillotine c) hippies d) emigres
This describes the most conservative members of the Legislative Assembly.
a) right-wing b) left-wing c) radical d) ugly
When Third Estate delegates were forced to find a new meeting place, they made a pledge, called the _____, to continue their meeting until they had a new constitution
a) Constitution act b) Tennis Court Oath c) Second Estate d) National Assembly
The noblemen of the ____________ and the clergy of the __________ were forced by the king to join the National Assembly
a) Second Estate and Third Estate b) First Estate and Second Estate c) Third Estates and Old Regime d) Second Estate and First Estate
Expecting trouble, ________ called up mercenary troops. This action caused a rebellion that fueled a widespread emotional reaction called the _________
a) Louis XVI and Great Fear b) Louis XVI and panic c) Louis XVII and Great Fear d) Maximilien Robespierre and Great Fear
Female activist who wrote Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen
a) Olympe de Gouges b) Jean-Paul Marat c) Georges Danton d) Maximilien Robespierre
The social and political system in use in France in the 1770s, called the ______, had been in place since the Middle Ages.
a) ancien regime b) First Estate c) National Assembly d) Tennis Court Oath
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