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What is the era that we are in right now
a) cenozoic era b) mesozoic era c) paleozoic era d) all of the above
what is the middle life era
a) mesozoic b) none of these c) cenozoic d) paleozoic
what is the oldest era
a) paleozoic b) cenozoic c) mesozoic d) precambrian time
what is the correct order for the geologic time units
a) eon, era, period, epoch b) era, eon, epoch, period c) epoch, period, era, eon d) period, eon, epoch, era
what was the first living thing
a) cyanobacteria b) humans c) reptiles d) amphibians
what term applies to the flow of lava, ash, debris down the side of a volcano
a) pyroclastic flow b) lava flow c) ash flow d) debris flow
what land is known as the land of fire and ice
a) iceland b) hawaii c) antartrica d) russia
what is the name of th point on earth's surface where an earthquake originates
a) epicenter b) focus c) release point d) epicenter point
what identifies the process that wears away surface materials of the Earth and moves them to a different location
a) erosion b) deposition c) seafloor spreading d) all of these
what identifies the rich soil composed of fine, windblown sediment that becomes a packed depost found in the great plains
a) loess b) granite c) none of these d) all of these
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