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cloudiness of water
a) pH b) algal blooms c) turbidity d) bioindicators
oxygen gas that is dissolved in the water
a) algal blooms b) dissolved oxygen c) fertilizer d) nitrates
measure of how acidic or basic a solution is
a) pH b) temperature c) water quality d) bioindicators
living organisms that show if water is healthy
a) phosphates b) bioindicators c) nitrates d) algal blooms
a measure of how hot or cold something is
a) temperature b) phosphates c) pH d) turbidity
used to describe the health of a water system
a) nitrates b) algal blooms c) water quality d) phosphates
Nitrogen compounds used for growth by plants and algae
a) phosphates b) nitrates c) pH d) bioindicators
minerals used in fertilizers
a) phosphates b) algal blooms c) dissolved oxygen d) turbidity
the rapid growth of a population of algae
a) algal blooms b) nitrates c) phosphates d) fertilizers
a substance that promotes plant growth
a) phosphates b) fertilizers c) nitrates d) phosphates, nitrates, fertilizers
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