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The C Major chord includes
a) C, Eb, and G b) C, Eb, and Gb c) C, E, and G# d) C, E, and G
The triad with D, F, and A is
a) Major b) diminished c) Augmented d) minor
The Gb Augmented chord includes
a) Gb, Bb, Db b) Gb, Bb, D# c) Gb, Bd, D d) Gb, B, D
The chord with F, Ab, and C is
a) Major b) Diminished c) Augmented d) minor
The diminished D triad includes
a) D, F, A b) D, Fb, Ab c) D, F, Ab d) D, F#, A
The triad made up of Ab, C, and Eb is
a) Major b) diminished c) Augmented d) minor
Which is a Major chord?
a) C, Eb, G b) C#, E#, G# c) C, E, G# d) Cb, Eb, G
Which chords are represented by CAPITOL letters and roman numerals?
a) Major, only b) Major and Augmented c) Minor, only d) Minor and Diminished
C, E, G# is a(n)
a) Augmented chord b) diminished chord c) minor chord d) Major chord
The G diminished chord is made up of
a) G, B, and D b) G, Bb, and Db c) G, Bb, and D d) G, B, and D#
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