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What is not a physical property
a) reactivity b) color c) shape d) boiling point
What is a physical property
a) flammability b) melting point c) reactivity d) ability to change color
What is viscosity?
a) the resistance of a liquid to flow b) the tendancy of a liquid c) the affinity of a liquid to flow d) all of the choices
What has a high viscosity?
a) honey b) water c) oil d) vinegar
the __________________ the viscosity, the ______________ the flow
a) greater; slower b) greater; faster c) lower; slower d) 2 of the choices
The viscosity of magma depends on
a) silica content and temperature b) silica content and density c) density and temperature d) none of the choices
dark colored rocks are
a) low in silica b) high in silica c) low in temperature d) high in temperature
the ___________ the silica content, the ____________ the viscosity, and the _____________ the flow
a) less; lower; faster b) less; lower; slower c) more; higher; faster d) more; lower; slower
the ___________ the temperature, the ____________ the viscosity, and the _____________ the flow
a) lower; higher; slower b) lower; higher; faster c) higher; higher; faster d) higher; lower; slower
What makes volcanoes more likely to explode and cause a lot of damage?
a) higher viscosity and more water vapor bubbles b) higher viscosity and less water vapor bubbles c) lower viscosity and more water vapor bubbles d) lower viscosity and less water vapor bubbles
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