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What are harmful substances that are in the air, water, or soil called?
a) pollutants b) poisons c) pollutionists d) p gases
What are the sources of pollution?
a) natural sources and human activities b) natural sources and unnatural sources c) human activities and inhumane activities d) human activities and unnatural sources
Most air pollution from human activities comes from______________
a) cars and other motor vehicles b) factories c) burning fossil fuels d) making hydrocarbons
hydrocarbons are:
a) compounds containing hydrogen and carbon b) compounds containing hyrochloric acid and carbon c) compounds containing hydrated water vapor and argon d) compounds containing hydroxide and argon
Do all fuels burn completely?
a) No, some hydrocarbons do not burn completely and escape into the atmosphere b) No, some fuels are partially burned to minimize the amount of pollution in the atmosphere c) Yes, after they are burned there a are no more hydrocarbons d) Yes, that is why oil and gas are used as fuels
Burning fossil fuels causes all of the following except
a) York smog b) London-type smog c) Photochemical smog d) Acid rain
What is similar between London-type smog and acid rain
a) they both form when coal is burned and particles are released into the atmosphere b) they both form in a clean environment c) they are both brown d) they both form in sunny cities
When does photochemical smog form?
a) when coal containing sulfur is burned b) when light reacts with hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides c) when the ozone layer has holes d) when enough trees are destroyed
Which is not a step in the formation of acid rain?
a) coal is burned b) sulfur oxides are created c) sulfur oxides combine with water to form sulfuric acid d) sulfur oxides combine with nitrogen to form nitric acid
What government agency monitors air quality?
a) EPA b) FDA c) LOL d) BRB
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