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Objects that cannot make their own light are ____________.
a) nonluminous b) luminous c) opaque d) transparent
Light travels in straight lines called _______________.
a) rays b) arrows c) threads d) refractions
A __________ is formed when an opaque object blocks the light.
a) shadow b) barrier c) hole d) cloud
An object that is ________ allows some, but not all, light rays to pass through.
a) translucent b) transparent c) opaque d) thick
_______________ objects allow all light to pass through.
a) Transparent b) Translucent c) Opaque d) Thin
The colors we see are the colors that are ____ by the objects around us.
a) reflected b) refracted c) absorbed d) changed
The opening in the iris that allows light to enter the inside of the eye is the _________.
a) pupil b) cornea c) lens d) retina
The part of the eye that refracts light to focus it is the ___________.
a) lens b) optic nerve c) retina d) cornea
The transparent, curved covering in the front of the eye is the _______.
a) cornea b) lens c) optic nerve d) pupil
The back part of the eye where an image forms is the ___________.
a) retina b) cornea c) lens d) pupil
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