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What is a land mass surrounded by water on three sides?
a) Island b) Peninsula c) Isthmus d) Land bridge
What Greek city-state was known for democracy and philosophy?
a) Corinth b) Ithaca c) Sparta d) Athens
What war was fought for 10 long years and won using the Trojan Horse?
a) The Persian War b) The Peloponnesian War c) The Trojan War d) The Greek War
Which city-state was known for its strong military?
a) Sparta b) Athens c) Corinth d) Ithaca
Which great leader created an empire that spanned three continents? (Asia, Africa and Europe)
a) Catherine the Great b) Pericles c) Homer d) Alexander the Great
The rocky islands and isolated valleys of Greece contributed to the development of
a) a large, united Greek empire b) several different Greek languages c) individual city-states d) the Greek alphabet
The Peloponnesian War was fought between
a) Athens and Macedonia b) Greece and Persia c) Greece and Egypt d) Athens and Sparta
From the age of 7, Spartan boys were trained to be
a) soldiers b) politicians c) philosophers d) artists
Ancient Athenians are credited with
a) inventing the wheel b) establishing democracy c) eliminating slavery d) inventing the printing press
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were
a) Greek artists b) Greek warriors c) Greek philosophers d) Greek politicians
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