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to give up work or to go to bed
a) retire b) distract c) jostle d) accustom
to make one's way through by pushing
a) budge b) jostle c) obstacle d) pedestrian
Something that is plain or boring is also...
a) compatible b) patient c) burly d) pedestrian
We have similar interests and get along well, so we are very ____________.
a) patient b) companions c) compatible d) obedient
A direspectful or spoiled child is always being the opposite of this word.
a) obedient b) patient c) alert d) pedestrian
Take, keep, and withhold are antonyms for...
a) distract b) assign c) obstacle d) jostle
You do not feel _________ when you are tired, unwilling, or frustrated.
a) compatible b) companion c) patient d) alert
You may do this to make your way to the stage at a concert.
a) budge b) jostle c) obstacle d) distract
When you say heads up, you are triying to ________ others.
a) accustom b) budge c) jostle d) alert
A person from a poor country would not be ________ed to how we waste food.
a) assign b) patient c) accustom d) compatible
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