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Temperature and pressure __________ as you go deeper into the Earth.
a) Increase b) Lessen c) Stay the same d)
The spinning of the Earth's core makes Earth's _________________.
a) Gravity b) Magnetic Field c) Climate change d) People dizzy and get a stomach ache
Oceanic crust is ______________ than continental crust.
a) More dry b) Thicker c) Thinner d)
_____________ came up with the idea of continental drift.
a) Alfred Wegener b) Albert Walker c) J. Tuzo Smith d) Harry Hess
_______________ is credited with the idea of Plate Tectonics Theory.
a) Alfred Wegener b) Albert Walker c) J. Tuzo Smith d) Harry Hess
_________________ came up with the idea of sea floor spreading.
a) Wegener b) Walker c) Smith d) Hess
Boundary type that could create a valley.
a) Transform b) Divergent c) Convergent d)
Boundary type that could create mountains.
a) Divergent b) Transform c) Convergent d)
Place where two pieces of crust pull apart.
a) Convergent b) Divergent c) Subduction d)
Place where two plates slide past each other.
a) Convergent boundary b) Divergent boundary c) Transform boundary d)
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