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a change in the nucleotide-base sequence of a gene or DNA molecule
a) mutation b) genotype c) homozygous d) probability
entire genetic makeup of an organism
a) phenotype b) genotype c) hybrid d) homozygous
when 1 trait is not completely dominant over the other
a) hybrid b) heterozygous c) incomplete dominance d) homozygous
process of breeding organisms for specific genetic traits
a) chemical mutagen b) mutation c) genetic engineering d) selective breeding
chemical agent that changes genetic material
a) mutation b) chemical mutagen c) genetic engineering d) selective breeding
an organism's appearance
a) phenotype b) genotype c) hybrid d) mutation
the likelihood that an event will occur
a) mathematics b) probability c) male chromosomes d) hybrid
a) homozygous b) hybrid c) pure d) phenotype
a) female chromosomes b) male chromosomes c) gametes d) sex cells
2 dominant or 2 recessive alleles
a) hybrid b) heterozygous c) homozygous d) selective breeding
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