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Define sensations
a) a passageway b) a door c) a feeling d) a sudden movement
Define mankind
a) human beings as a group b) a particular ethnic group c) a classroom d) a group of one type of people
Define depressed
a) to cause to sink below the surrounding surface b) a strong feeling of amazement c) the absence of motion d) big and bulky
Define tranquility
a) No motion or disturbance b) large and puffy c) a suddent strong push d) to cause to sink
Define awe
a) disappointed b) a feeling c) great wonder d) part of a spacecraft
Define hatch
a) a suddent strong push b) to pull very hard c) large and puffy d) Opening on a ship or spacecraft
Define focused
a) loose weight b) large and puffy c) an experiment performed by astronauts d) pay attention and watch closely
Define thrust
a) To pull very hard b) A sudden strong push c) Opening on a space module d) large and puffy
Define module
a) part of a spaceship b) part of a large boat c) part of a car d) part of a house
Define bulky
a) small and thin b) over defined c) large and puffy d) name of a place on the moon
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