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the substitution of one base for another DNA replication of a(n)
a) mutiple b) mutation c) Chromosones d) DNA
People who have the genetic disorder called________ disease suffer from lack of oxygen in the blood.
a) mad cow disease b) genetic enginering c) carrier d) sickle-cell
a person who has a genetic disorder called _________ bleeds easly
a) hemophelia b) meioss c) Bob saeget d) nuteral
a recessive can be passed to offspring by a(n) ________ who does not show the change
a) carrier b) inbreading c) DNA d) gypsies
Gradual change in a species over time is called adaptation
a) True b) c) d) False
the number of DNA bases forms a genetic code
a) TRUE b) c) d) FALSE
A persons enviornment can effect his or her genotype for certin traites, such as hight
a) FALSE b) c) d) TRUE
when some members of a spices become geographically isolated, they are less likley to form a new species.
a) TRUE b) c) d) FALSE
genetic disorder in which an abnormal form of homglobin is produced is hemophelia
a) FALSE b) c) d) TRUE
what did mendel predict was the probability of producing a tall plant from a genetic cross of two hybrid tall plants
a) one in four b) three in four c) two in four d) four in four
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