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Genetic disorders are caused by
a) pedigrees b) mutations c) dominate alleles d) sickle-shaped calls
What is the genetic code?
a) the order of nitrogen bases along a gene b) the number of guanine and cytosine bases in a chromosome c) the order of amino acids in a protein d) the number of nitrogen bases in a DNA molecule
If a homozygous black guinea pig (BB) crossed with a homozygous white guinea pig (bb), what is the probability that an offspring will have black fur?
a) 25 percent b) 100 percent c) 75 percent d) 50 percent
How do most fossils form?
a) An insect becomes trapped in amber b) a dead organism becomes buried in tar c) an entire organism becomes frozen in ice d) an entire organism becomes buried in sediment
What genetic disorder results in abnormally shaped blood cells?
a) Hemophillia b) sickle-cell disease c) cystic fibrosis d) Down syndrome
What does the notation tt mean to geneticists
a) two dominate alleles b) one dominate and one recessive allele c) at least one dominate allele d) two recessive allels
Hemophilia is caused by a(n)
a) recessive allele on the X chromosome b) codominate allele c) dominate allele d) extra chromosome
Factors that control traits are called
a) genes b) parents c) recessives d) purebreads
An organisms physical apearance is its
a) genotype b) heterozygous c) codominance d) phenotype
Sex-linked genes are genes on
a) the X chromosome only b) all 23 pairs of chromosomes c) the X and Y chromosomes d) the Y chromosome only
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