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Ms. Smith told us to ___________ our work aside.
a) lie b) lay c) lain d) laid
Will you __________ down for a rest this afternoon?
a) lie b) lay c) lying d) laying
____________ your books next to mine.
a) lain b) laid c) lay d) lie
I am afraid that Tim has been ____________ down on the job.
a) lay b) lie c) laying d) lying
The chickens ____________ more eggs than usual yesterday.
a) lie b) laid c) lain d) laying
When Mr. Jones ___________ down for a nap, he was unable to sleep.
a) lie b) laid c) lay d) lying
My pen was ___________ on the table.
a) laying b) lying c) laid d) lain
Our dog never _________ down when told to do so.
a) lays b) lies c) lying d) laid
Your jacket has been ___________ on the floor all morning.
a) laying b) lying c) laid d) lain
I will _______ down around ten o'clock this evening.
a) lie b) lay c) lies d) lays
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