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Speed =
a) time/distance b) pace/distance c) distance/time d) time x distance
Time =
a) distance/speed b) speed/distance c) speed x rate d) distance x speed
Distance =
a) time/speed b) time x speed c) speed/time d) time x length
Velocity =
a) speed + time b) time/distance + direction c) time + direction d) distance/ time + direction
Average Speed =
a) total time/total distance b) time/distance c) total distance/total time d) total distance/ time
Acceleration =
a) final velocity - initial velocity/distance b) final velocity - initial velocity/time c) initial velocity - final velocity/time d) final velocity - initial velocity/time
Deceleration =
a) final velocity - initial velocity/time b) final velocity - initial velocity/time c) final velocity - initial velocity/distance d) initial velocity - final velocity/time
Mechanical Energy =
a) elastic potential energy + potential energy b) kinetic energy + potential energy c) work + energy d) kinetic energy + mass
Kinetic Energy =
a) Mass x Speed + direction b) Mass x Speed x 2 c) 1/2 x Mass X Speed^2 d) 1/2 X Mass X Speed
Gravitational Potential Energy =
a) weight x height b) mass x speed c) weight x speed d) height x speed
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