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Which of the following is a characteristic of prokaryotes?
a) They have organelles b) They do not have DNA c) They evolved before eukaryotes d) They are multicellular
This cell lacks a cell wall, has organelles and a pair of centrioles
a) Animal cell b) Fungus cell c) Plant cell d) Bacteria
Which describes eukaryotic cells?
a) Cells with a cell wall only b) Cells without a nucleus or organelles with membranes c) Cells that lack a cell membrane d) Cells with a nucleus and organelles with membranes
Which of the following is found in both plant and animal cells?
a) cell membrane and mitochondria b) cell wall and mitochondria c) cell membrane and chloroplasts d) cell wall and chloroplasts
An animal's cell shape is related to its
a) color b) life span c) function d) position
Which scientists came up with the germ theory?
a) Hooke and Pasteur b) Koch and Pasteur c) Hooke and Koch d) Schleiden and Schwann
What does the germ theory explain?
a) How bacteria or viruses can cause disease b) How the environment an organism lives in causes a disease c) How living things can inherit a disease d) How cancer is caused
This organelle would be found in muscle cells which require lots of energy.
a) Centrioles b) Chloroplasts c) Ribosomes d) Mitochondria
Which of the following is not part of the traditional cell theory?
a) All living things are made of cells b) All cells requires energy c) Cells are the basic units of life d) Cells come from other cells
How are viruses related to living things?
a) They grow and develop b) They are multicellular c) They have DNA or RNA d) They can live independently of any other organism
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