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What was an example of the evidence in Sea-Floor Spreading?
a) glacial evidence b) mountain ranges c) molten lava d) fossils
Which of the following is NOT an example of evidence for Sea-Floor Spreading?
a) magnetic stripes b) molten lava c) glacial evidence d) drilling samples that showed the age of the rocks
Who first proposed the theory of continental drift?
a) Harry Hess b) Alfred Wegener c) Albert Einstein d) Isaac Newton
Subduction usually occurs at the
a) on a plate of fried chicken :) b) boutdary of a continental and continental plate c) boundary of an oceanica and an oceanic plate d) boundary of an oceanic and a continental plate
The Great Rift Valley in Africa is a great example of what type of boundary?
a) convergent b) divergent c) transform d) mid ocean ridge
A mountain feature like the Himalayan Mountains occurs at what type of boundary?
a) convergent b) divergent c) transform d) volcano
A feature such as the Marianas Trench is a result of subduction at a
a) convergent boundary where one plate subducts under another b) divergent boundary c) volcanic boundary d) transform boundary
At a subduction zone,
a) the more dense continental plate goes under the less dense oceanic plate. b) the more dense oceanic plate goes under the less dense continental plate. c) the plates form rift valleys. d) the plates form underwater mountains.
At a transform boundary, what is most likely to occur?
a) a new mountain b) a volcano c) an earthquake d) rift valley
Most geologists think that the movement of Earth’s plates is caused by
a) gravity b) convection currents in the asthenosphere c) subduction d) Earth's magnetic field
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