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In 1812, Napoleon and 420,000 troops encountered severe difficulties as a result of the __________________ used by the Russian leader in response to France's invasion.
a) Guerrillas b) Policy c) Blockade d) Scorched-Earth Policy
Great Britain responded with a _______________ against France, which became the majore cause of a war between Great Britain and the United States
a) Continental System b) Blockade c) Stoppage d) Treaty
In 1806, Napoleon attempted to make Europe more self-sufficient through the use of what he termed the....
a) Elba b) Creoles c) Continental System d) Blockade
In what ways was the Congress of Vienna a success?
a) created a new balance of power b) created time of peace c) involved cooperation of nations of enitre continent d) All the above
As a result of actions taken by the Congress of Vienna, the monarchy was restored on the basis of
a) Spain b) Great Britain c) Prussia d) Russia
All of the following were members of the Holy Alliance EXCEPT
a) Italy b) Prussia c) Austria d) Russia
The actions of the Congress of Vienna helped to generate an independence movement in
a) Africa b) Asia c) South America d) North America
The accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna included all of the following EXCEPT
a) reinstating the royal families dethroned by Napoleon b) creating a balance of power among European nations c) helped to generate an independence movement in d) surrounding France with strong neighboring countries
The person most responsible for the accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna was
a) Czar Alexander I of Russia b) Prince Klemens von Metternich of Austria c) King Frederick William III of Prussia d) Emperor Francis I of Austria
After escaping from exile, Napoleon gathered volunteers from the French countryside and seized power from _______________.
a) King Louis XVIII b) King Louis XVI c) King Louis XVII d) King Louis XV
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