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Scientists use the _________ system because it is part of the SI or the international system of measures.
a) metric b) French c) American standard d) Tichenor
When determining the mass of an object we would use a __________.
a) triple beam balance b) periodic table of elements c) ruler d) beaker
Water boils at _________ degrees Celsius.
a) 212 b) 100 c) 32 d) 1000
The protons and neutrons in an atom are located in the ___________.
a) nucleus b) outer shell c) positive charge d) element
Water changing from a liquid to a solid is a ____________ change.
a) physical b) chemical c) temporary d) permanent
Items together in one space but not chemically bonded.
a) element b) compound c) mixture d)
Atoms chemically bonded.
a) element b) compound c) d) mixture
All of one atom.
a) element b) c) mixture d) compound
If an object has a density 1.0 g/cm3 it will _______ in water.
a) float b) react c) dissolve d) sink
Who is the oldest?
a) Mr. McNabb b) Mr. Teke c) Ms. Clark d) Mr. Houp
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