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Which of the following is not a physical process in Mechanical Weathering that breaks down rocks?
a) Acids in the air b) Growing Plants c) Burrowing Animals d) Expanding Ice
Cracks in a sidewalk caused by growing tree roots is an example of __________________________________.
a) Mechanical Weathering b) Chemical Weathering c) Acid Weathering d) Soil erosion
Which of the following things do you find in soil?
a) All of the above b) Rocks and minerals c) Plants and roots d) Animals
_______________ is a mixture of weathered rock, decayed organic matter, mineral fragments, water, and air.
a) Soil b) Litter c) Slope d) Horizon
In the topsoil layer you can find _______________, a dark colored material made from decayed organic matter.
a) humus b) horizon c) litter d) ice wedging
Soil is divided into _________________, or layers.
a) horizon b) contours c) humus d) erosion
______________________ occurs when rocks are broken apart by physical processes.
a) mechanical weathering b) chemical weathering c) ice wedging d) terracing
All of the following are direct causes of mechanical weathering except:
a) oxygen b) ice c) roots d) water
The layer that contains the most humus and smaller rock pieces than the other layers is the ________ horizon.
a) A b) B c) C d) D
Over thousands of years, _____________________ has chemically weathered limestone, forming caves.
a) carbonic acid b) clay c) sediment d) oxidation
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