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Stored Energy that an object has due to its position, condition, or chemical composition.
a) potential b) machine c) screw d) mechanical efficiency
Is a device that helps people do work by changing the way work is done.
a) screw b) machine c) lever d) mechanical efficiency
Ratio of a machine's output force to its input force.
a) lever b) screw c) mechanical efficiency d) work
Is a simple machine that consists of a solid bar that pivots at a fixed point.
a) lever b) potential energy c) machine d) work
The use of force to move an object in the direction of the force.
a) lever b) potential energy c) machine d) work
Is an inclined plane that is wrapped in a spiral around cylinder.
a) lever b) machine c) screw d) work
Energy that is stored due to the height of an object from the ground.
a) chemical energy b) gravitational energy c) mechanical energy d) potential energy
Chemical bonds being released when we eat.
a) gravitational energy b) mechanial energy c) chemical energy d) potential energy
Ability to do work.
a) machines b) energy c) work d) levers
Energy of an object due to the object's motion.
a) Mechanical energy b) Gravitational energy c) Potential energy d) Kinetic energy
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