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There is more than one way to cut and paste
a) true b) false c) d)
No matter what way you choose to cut and paste, you must select the word you will be cutting
a) true b) false c) d)
Which of the following creates a copy of your document
a) save as b) ctrl c c) ctrl d d) save
Which of the following creates a new document
a) ctrl n b) ctrl new c) ctrl h d) ctrl v
this word option allows the user to see a formatting change (such as font color) without actually clicking on the change
a) live preview b) format preview c) format painter d) show/hide button
You finish typing your report, only to find that you typed the incorrect price for a product in 6 different places in your document. Which tool would you use to correct this?
a) find and replace b) autocorrect c) change case d) format currency
The word ribbon is made up of several _________
a) groups b) tabs c) columns d) cells
Ctrl O is a shortcut for
a) open b) save c) close d) ostrich
Which shortcut allows you to cut an item?
a) ctrl x b) ctrl c c) ctrl v d) ctrl a
to select an entire line the user would...
a) move their cursor to the left of the line and click b) ctrl l c) right click and select all d) triple click the first word on the line
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