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A cell _______ is a combination of effects that can be applied at one time
a) style b) group c) format d) reference
Which of the following number formats is automatically applied when you insert a number
a) general b) number c) accounting d) percent
You can only subtract cells from each other in the number format, not in date or time
a) false b) true c) d)
Which of the following is always the first item in a formula
a) = b) + c) * d) /
A cell reference that changes when you drag a formula down is a(n) _____ cell reference
a) relative b) absolute c) number d) uneven
Which symbol do you use to make a cell reference absolute?
a) $ b) & c) % d) *
A formula can contain a function
a) true b) false c) d)
What is the name of the fx button next to the formula bar?
a) insert function b) insert formula c) fax d) insert formatting
which of the following is a function we have used in class
a) autosum b) multiply c) operator d) bold
Excel has an order of operations when calculating formulas
a) true b) false c) d)
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