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What is an invertebrate animal with pores?
a) vertebrate b) spicule c) poriferan d) echinoderm
What is an invertebrate animal with stinging cells and a hollow central cavity?
a) cnidarian b) pore c) arthropod d) pupa
What is an organism that gets its food by living on or in the body of another organism?
a) spicule b) cnidarian c) parasite d) annelid
What is the thin membrane that covers a mollusk's organs?
a) mantle b) tube feet c) radula d) exoskeleton
What is an animal with an exoskeleton and jointed legs?
a) chitin b) echinoderm c) invertebrate d) arthropod
What is the ability to regrow lost parts?
a) molting b) regeneration c) circulation d) metamorphosis
What is the middle section of an insect's body?
a) abdomen b) heart c) head d) thorax
What is the hearing organ in a grasshopper?
a) radula b) spiracle c) tympanum d) spicule
What is a young insect that looks like the adult?
a) nymph b) cocoon c) larva d) pupa
Which of the following is not a major class of arthropods?
a) mollusks b) crustaceans c) insects d) crustaceans
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