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What term means to give specific details about everything relating to the topic?
a) describe b) infer c) conclude d) explain
What term means to recognize or find?
a) describe b) interpret c) justify d) identify
What term means to tell why with specific and relevant details?
a) evaluate b) develop c) explain d) evidence
What term means to make an educated guess using prior knowledge plus what you see or hear?
a) analyze b) infer c) describe d) summarize
What term means to say more about a response?
a) develop b) justify c) infer d) evaluate
What term means to judge or assess the value or importance of something?
a) identify b) explain c) compare and contrast d) evaluate
What term means to say how things are the same or different?
a) summarize b) predict c) compare and contrast d) explain
What term means to provide factual evidence to show why something is right?
a) identify b) justify c) develop d) describe
What term means to retell in your own words using main ideas only?
a) summarize b) develop c) predict d) infer
What term means to tell what you think will happen next?
a) compare and contrast b) describe c) identify d) predict
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