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When you ..... the door and saw the new TV, you felt surprised.
a) were opening b) opened c) was opening d) opening
Last Monday, I ..... my bills and left.
a) paid b) was paying c) were paying d) paying
I ..... when a plate crashed.
a) was cooking b) were cooking c) cooked d) cooking
We were running to the station exactly when the train .....
a) left b) was leaving c) were leaving d) leaving
From 6 to 6:15, I ..... pictures while I was having a walk.
a) was taking b) took c) were taking d) taking
Over last week, they ..... hard from Monday to Friday.
a) were working b) was working c) worked d) working
You ..... your teeth when, suddenly,she came into the bathroom.
a) were brushing b) brushing c) brushed d) was brushing
As they .... down the road, they found an owl.
a) were walking b) was walking c) walked d) walking
He didn't do his homework, he ..... sleeping all night.
a) was sleeping b) were sleeping c) slept d) sleeping
At 9, Sean was reading while Samantha .....
a) was shopping b) were shopping c) shopping d) shopped
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