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On the map, the 0 degree line of latitude DIVIDES the earth into-
a) east and west b) north and south c) major oceans d) cold and warm climates
The river known as the
a) Colorado River b) Rio Grande c) Mississippi River d) Ohio River
An adobe was most likely used by American Indians who-
a) wandered to gather food b) grew crops c) roamed to hunt buffalo d) lived in igloos
American Indians used canoes, bows, and spears to produce goods or make other goods. These items are-
a) natural resources b) humans resources c) capital resources d) government resources
Francisco Coronado claimed land for Spain known as-
a) the Mississippi Valley b) the southwestern United States c) eastern Canada d) French settlement of Quebec
Which type of venture was the first PERMANENT English settlement in North America (Jamestown, 1607)?
a) political b) industrial c) religious d) economic
People from English debtor's prisons settled in Georgia to-
a) experience economic freedom and a new life b) experience religious freedom c) run for political freedom d) establish schools
The introduction of tobacco farming in North America led to which of the following?
a) improved relations with the Indians b) experience religious freedom c) trade in manufactured goods d) success for the English colony of Jamestown
Which area had fishing shipbuilding and port cities?
a) New England b) Mid-Atlantic c) Southern d) none of the above
In colonial America, economic specialization and interdependence existed-
a) in politics b) in the production of goods and services c) in religion as the center of life d) in geographical features
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