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Giological materials such as plant material or animal waste converted to a usable energy source, a renewable resource
a) Coal b) Geothermal c) Biomass d) Conduction
A hard, black substance extracted from the ground and burned to obtain energy, a non-renewable fossil fuel
a) Pollution b) Convection c) Coal d)
Heat is harness from deep beneath Earth\'s surface and converted to usable energy, a renewable resource
a) Geothermal b) Thermal c) Inexhaustible d)
Electricity generation using the power of falling water
a) Oil b) Hydropower c) Fossil Fuels d)
Resources that will never run out
a) Nuclear Power b) Coal c) Inexhaustible d)
A gas usually found above petroleum deposits and burned to obtain energy, a non-renewable fossil fuel
a) Natural Gas b) Oil c) Solar Power d)
An energy resource that takes millions of years to form from the remains of plants and animals such as coal, oil and natural gas
a) Wind Power b) Nonrenewable Resource c) Pollution d)
The splitting of uranium atoms to release energy
a) Hydropower b) Geothermal c) Nuclear Power d)
A think, flammable, yellow-to-black mixture of gaseous, liquid and solid hydrocarbons that occurs naturally beneath Earth\'s surface
a) Oil b) Inexhaustible c) Fossil Fuels d)
An energy resource that is replaceable by natural means such as trees or wind
a) Geothermal b) Renewable Resource c) Nuclear Power d)
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