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Chuck sold (his him) bike.
a) his b) him c) d)
Will you come with (we us).
a) we b) us c) d)
Please give it to (I me).
a) I b) me c) d)
Ted saw (her she) at the show.
a) her b) she c) d)
Hal wrote (he him) a letter.
a) he b) him c) d)
I think (you them) are happy.
a) you b) them c) d)
I will give (them they) the bones.
a) them b) they c) d)
Soon (us we) will be done.
a) us b) we c) d)
When will (they them) be here?
a) they b) them c) d)
Tom saw (she it) in the barn.
a) she b) it c) d)
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