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To which of the main planets does Earth belong?
a) terrestrial b) outer c) gas giants d) interior
What is the largest planet in the solar system?
a) Venus b) Earth c) Jupiter d) Neptune
Why is Venus sometimes called Earth's twin?
a) they rotate in the same direction b) same size and density c) born at the same time d) revolve at the same time
Why are the inner planets called terrestrial planets?
a) they are hot b) they resemble Earth c) they all have life d) not very dense
Which describes the inner planets?
a) small, dense, and rocky b) big, not very dense c) rocky and made of gas d) large, light, and gaseous
How are gas giants different from terrestrial planets?
a) smaller b) rocky and icy c) made mostly of gasses d) have hard surfaces
This planet has a great red spot.
a) Saturn b) Earth c) Venus d) Jupiter
This planet is tipped over on its side.
a) Jupiter b) Neptune c) Saturn d) Uranus
This gas giant has belts of visible clouds and was named after the Roman god of the sea, possibly due to its color.
a) Jupiter b) Saturn c) Uranus d) Neptune
This planet is known for its bright ring system.
a) Saturn b) Neptune c) Uranus d) Pluto
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