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A crack in the Earth’s crust is called
a) fold b) lithosphere c) epicenter d) fault
Bending of rock as plate boundaries meet is known as a
a) fault b) lava c) fold d) magma
The point on the surface of the Earth above the focus of an earthquake.
a) focus b) epicenter c) fault d) seismic wave
From the top of the mantle to the crust. Where earthquakes occur.
a) inner core b) mantle c) lithosphere d) hydrosphere
The part of the seismogram used to determine the epicenter of an earthquake
a) p-surface wave interval b) none of the above c) s-surface wave interval d) s-p interval
The idea that the Earth has many sections which move is known as
a) plate tectonics b) continental drift c) epicenter d) pangaea
Melted rock beneath the earth is called
a) lava b) magma c) fold d) fault
Magma that has reached the surface of the Earth is called
a) magma b) fault c) lava d) fold
Super continent that is believed to existed millions of years ago is known as
a) ring of fire b) richter scale c) lithosphere d) pangaea
Region in the Pacific where plates are so active that many earthquakes and volcanoes occur is called
a) Ring of fire b) Plate tectonics c) Magma d) Pangaea
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