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Why did settlers often build communities along rivers?
a) rivers were a good source of transportation for people and goods b) rivers were less dangerous than other methods of travel c) settlers could not travel westward unles they used rivers d) rivers provided settlers with the only means of travel
California, Texas, and New Mexico were originally settled by ____, but acquired by the United States during a period known as ____.
a) France...Westernization b) France...Manifest Destiny c) Spain...Manifest Destiny d) Spain...Westernization
Great Britain and the United States resolved the Oregon issue by setting the boundary between them at the
a) 40 degree line of latitude b) 49 degree line of latitude c) 54 degree line of latitude d) 60 degree line of latitude
What was James K. Polk\'s presidential campaign slogan in 1844?
a) Tippecanoe and Tyler Too b) Polk to the Rescue c) Whigs or Death d) Fifty-four Forty or Fight
The first Americans to reach the Oregon country were
a) farmers b) loggers c) fur traders d) merchants
The main route that settlers took to Oregon was called the
a) South Pass b) East Pass c) West Pass d) North Pass
The first large-scale migration to Oregon left from
a) Indianapolis, Indiana b) Independence, Missouri c) Atlanta, Georgia d) Columbus, Ohio
Which of the following events occurred first?
a) the 13 English colonies were established b) South Carolina threatened to secede from the Union c) George Washington became the first President of the United States d) the U.S. Constitution was written
The religious group known as the Mormons helped to settle the area that became the state of-
a) California b) Utah c) Ohio d) Oregon
The discovery of gold in California contributed to
a) growing tension between the Union and Confederacy b) an increase in the population of California c) the Lewis and Clark expedition to the West d) the Mexican War
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