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Blood is 3-4 times thicker than water. What term refers to this thickness?
a) agglutination b) viscosity c) hematocrit d) biconcave
What blood test separates the white blood cells by percentages?
a) DIFF b) hematocrit c) hemoglobin d) hematopoiesis
When antibodies attack antigens, this results
a) agglutination b) agglutinin c) agglutinogen d) antigen
The plasma contains lipid/protein molecules called:
a) fibrinogen b) eosinophils c) leukocytosis d) HDL/LDL's
Large phagocytic leukocytes...
a) neutrophil b) eosinophil c) monocyte d) lymphocyte
White blood cells...
a) fight infection b) are larger than red blood cells c) can slip through blood vessel walls d) all of the above
Red blood cells...
a) are smaller than platelets b) are also called thrombocytes c) lack a nuclei d) coagulate blood
Fibrinogen, thrombocyte, and coagulation all deal with
a) clotting b) carrying oxygen c) determine your blood type d) creating red blood cells
Which shows the most normal hematocrit level?
a) 10 % b) 45 % c) 55 % d) 92 %
Your teacher has a B+ blood type. Who could she receive blood from?
a) Edward Cullen b) B+ and O- c) AB+ and O- d) don't give her blood, it might be contaminated
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