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Unlike her older brother Jerome, who stayed out all hours of the night, Kate OBEDIANTLY followed the curfew her parents set.
a) loyally b) angrily c) tiredly d) graciously
John was so hungry that he CONSUMED the cranberry muffin and went back for a donut.
a) ate b) cooked c) threw up d) threw away
After the bird escaped, Chris tried to COAX it back into the cage with treats
a) encouraged b) keep away c) freak out d) create
Dad had no need for the broken air conditioner, so he DISCARDED it on the corner by the trash
a) threw away b) kept c) kicked d) colored
While others eat eggs, pancakes, and bacon for breakfast, Mike was CONTENT with a piece of toast and a glass of orange juice.
a) happy b) angry c) sick d) fascinated
Suzie’s mother taught her to never let anyone DEGRADE her, so now she demands respect in all of her relationships.
a) put her down b) help her up c) give her money d) hit her
My mom always worries about my grades and the colleges that I’ll be able to attend, but if she were a little less FRETFUL she’d be a lot more fun.
a) worried b) forgetful c) stuck up d) happy
It is difficult to SUSTAIN a smile when your whole world is falling apart.
a) keep b) supply c) wipe off d) contain
John had seen horror movies before, but when he saw Bloodcore 6, he was so APPALLED by the bloodshed that he wrote the newspapers warning parents not to allow their children to see
a) shocked b) happy c) worried d) joyful
Miss Annie REPROACHED Johnny for the missing chocolate chip cookies, even though Johnny is allergic to chocolate.
a) fussed at b) encouraged c) understood d) reached
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