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How many career choices are there?
a) ten b) one hundred c) one d) thousands
Evaluate means to:
a) explain b) natural talents c) determine the worth of something d) businesses
Employment Agencies are?
a) businesses that assist people in finding jobs b) explain c) interpret d) evaluate
Which is NOT an example of a job benefit?
a) Health Insurance b) Paid Vacation c) 401K d) Paid Child Care
Interpret means
a) explain b) natural talents c) determine the worth of something d) business that assists people in finding jobs
An apprentice is?
a) One who eat a lot b) One who gets trained by a skilled person for a job c) One who works with apes. d) One who works construction.
Which one is NOT a job category?
a) Professional b) Clerical c) Hospital d) Government
What is an aptitude?
a) Jobs you like b) Your talents and interests c) Clerical Work d) Job Benefits
Real estate agents sell
a) clothing b) buildings and land c) computer services d) cars
Retail work usually means selling
a) products in stores b) items to dealers c) schools and vacant lots d) on the street
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