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What is the location of the surface of the Earth directly above the origin of an earthquake?
a) epicenter b) fault line c) s-wave d) focus
Which type of wave travels the fastest
a) surface or L-wave b) seismic movement c) S wave d) P wave
Which type of wave usually causes the most damage?
a) P wave b) surface or L-wave c) sinusoidal wave d) S wave
Which scale is most often used by scientists to measure the size of an earthquake?
a) Moment magnitude b) P wave height c) Seismic gradient d) Richter scale
What is the name of sea waves triggered by an earthquake?
a) Tidal waves b) L waves c) Tsunami d) P waves
What is the name of the origin of an earthquake?
a) focus b) tsunami c) fault line d) epicenter
What instrument is used to record an earthquake?
a) seismograph b) pendulum c) MM machine d) richtergram
To find the epicenter of an earthquake, what is the minimum number of seismic stations needed?
a) one b) four c) three d) two
Which type of wave will appear second on a seismogram?
a) P wave b) tidal wave c) surface wave d) S wave
Which type of wave compresses and expands the rock of the crust as it travels?
a) P wave b) All waves c) surface wave d) S wave
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